Unique, instantly visible rejuvenation effects

Experience the emmi-skin Gold Edition

Emmi-skin System Gold Edition Technology Set
for her and him
Experience the emmi skin System
Gold Edition

Revolutionary lifting process with immediately visible rejuvenation effects and health benefits

The Exclusive Beauty Experience
Give your complexion youthful freshness

The emmi-skin ultrasound cream products work in combination with the two emmi-skin attachments for face and body.

In this way, impurities in the skin are gently and effectively removed. The skin is supplied with important care substances and blood circulation is noticeably improved.

For the natural radiance of your skin

Maximize the potential of your skin with the innovative ingredients of the emmi-skin ultrasound cream series.

Emmi-skin Gold_
For Both Women and Men!

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  • Efficient deep cleansing for all skin types
  • Revitalization of tired underslaughtered skin
  • pore refinement
  • Skin smoothing and tightening with visible results
  • stimulation of collagen and hyaluron production
  • high antioxidative capacity
  • antimicrobial properties
  • fight against cellulite
  • Support of a tighter body contour
For Both Women and Men!
The Exclusive
Beauty Experience
Get your
body contours
in shape

With emml-skin System Gold Edition you can achieve sensational, immediately visible rejuvenating effects of your body contours.

Especially in combination with the emmi-skin ultrasound
collagen cream and the emmi-skin ultrasound silicon cream you can target fat and toxin accumulations.

For a firm
skin appearance
with clear contours.
Benefit from the efficiency of a professionally coordinated anti-aging system. Enjoy your personal spa experience!

Only the best ingredients

highly active, not saturated water with cleaning effect (osmotic effect)


forms free radicals (micronized precious metals and stones have always been attributed to rejuvenating forces}.


Due to its high redox potential, it can neutralize free radicals and ensures that the skin does not dry out.


is a pure water-soluble polysaccharide obtained from the heartwood of a special American larch species. The North American Indians have already used the active plant ingredient in cutting injuries and burns.

Studies have shown that GALACTOARABINAN can have many positive properties in skin care:

  • The transepidermal water loss is reduced.
  • The formation of dryness wrinkles is reduced.
  • The skin is protected against moisture loss in the long term as the cell storage capacity is strengthened.
  • The cell renewal is stimulated.
  • The skin is protected against oxidative damage by UV light.

The well-researched vitamin works threefold against skin aging: ascorbic acid supports collagen formation, has an antioxidative function as a radical scavenger and can brighten up plgment spots.

Highest standards
for your radiant self!
Small, intelligent, powerful, professionalthe groundbreaking, patented emmi-skin system Gold Edition

Emmi-skin Gold_
Fantastic Results in only 10 minutes

The system is based on 100 % Ultrasound technology.
A revolutionary technology with a unique anti-aging effect and an important anti-ageing effect as well as an important Health effect.

This successful technology is used in combination with ultrasound cream products from emmi-skln for cosmetic treatments, which have been specially developed for the necessary compatibility.

Did you know?

Many spa cosmetics practitioners undergo extensive training before performing treatments. With emmi-skin System Gold Edition you become a spa professional and that right now!
areas of application:

  • visage
  • body contours
  • dermatitis
Immediately visible results!
  • Smoothing and tightening of the forehead area
  • Tightening of the eye wrinkles (crow’s feet)
  • Smoothing and tightening of the lower eye area
  • Smoothing of the nasolabial folds
  • Visible pore refinement
  • Radiant, invigorated skin feeling
  • Visible rejuvenating effects on the hands and décolleté area

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Highest standards
for your radiant self!
Suitable for all skin types

Skin care woman putting face cream touching under eyes. Facial beauty closeup of beautiful mixed race Asian / Caucasian female model isolated on white background.
Highest standards
for your radiant self!