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This video explains, as the revolutionary EMMI-DENT 100% Ultrasonic toothbrush technology could save your teeth!

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Reliably removes stains by:

coffee - Nicotine -
TEE - red wine
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Emmi-dent Ultraschall Zahnbürsten sind Barrierefrei Zertifiziert


Gently cleanses and motionless - WITHOUT brush!

A bright smile are many people a greater self-confidence and the feeling of being active and energetic. Therefore, for white teeth and a perfect dental hygiene and more often taken too painful procedures in purchasing. What would be, if there was a way, a professional dental hygiene gently, for anyone to make painlessly and effectively apply at home? Here come the Emmi-Dent Ultrasonic Toothbrush Emmi-Ultrasonic into play.
Confirmed by Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Peter Gängler


Perfect dental hygiene with the world
single 100 % ultrasonic toothbrush

Emmi-dent is the only worldwide patented dental care system, that with real ultrasound be developed and tested in clinical studies and tests of more than 100,000 satisfied customers Hitherto teeth could only by abrasion means "Schmirgelstoffen" in toothpastes and cleaned with brush. Allow now the special Emmi-Dent Ultraschallgeräte smooth, gentle and extremely efficient cleaning of the teeth - without friction, without movement and without "Schmirgelstoffe".
Strahlendes Lächeln mit emmi-dent Ultraschall Zahnbürsten
Best care and optimum protection for teeth, gums, palate, implants, Crowns, Bridges and braces!
Der Emmi-Dent Ultraschall dringt bis zu 12mm tief in das Zahnfleisch ein

Reliably removes stains by:

coffee - Nicotine - tee - red wine

Within a few applications their teeth can get its natural color back. Emmi-Dent cleans there, where her toothbrush or floss never get there. The generation of Emmi-Dent ultrasound done in the ultrasonic attachment, directly above the bristles. The bristles guide the ultrasound up to 96 Million vibrations per minute Generator in the brush head directly into the special Emmi-dent ultrasonic toothpaste. There the ultrasound million forms microscopic bubbles (that. 3.5'000'000 microbubbles per cubic millimeter), by implosion impurities such as food waste, remove tartar and bacteria. Due to the microscopic smallness of the microbubbles, penetrate this even in the smallest gaps and so clean the interdental spaces, the periodontal pockets or fissures.
Weissere Zähne mit emmi-dent Ultraschall Zahnbürste
Within a few applications their teeth can get its natural color back.
Mikrobläschen von Ultraschall Zahnbürsten emmi-dent
Microcavities microbubbles at 60,000 times magnification (at 30,000 times magnification, the individual bubbles are not normally visible).receive.


After just one treatment already feel the prophylactic effect of Emmi-Dent ultrasound. This particular smoothness of the tooth surfaces may pick up to 12 Hours no bacteria adhere.

The oral cavity is home to a variety of bacteria, covering inter alia set on the tooth surface and the gum and multiply there (80 % of the bacteria in the human body are generated in the oral cavity). Some of them are Cause of tooth and jaw infections, but also on the Development of vascular disease and other diseases involved. Bacteria on the tooth surface and the gum together with other substances, such as sugar or starch, a Sticky plaque, the so-called „Plaque“. This plaque is the main cause of gum irritation and gingivitis. In extreme cases, lose their teeth halt, become loose and fall out or have to be taken due to acute inflammation. Emmi-Dent Ultrasonic reliably removes plaque and tartar gentle and motionless without brushing


  • Emmi-Dent Ultrasonic reliably removes plaque and tartar gentle and motionless without brushing
  • Emmi-Dent ultrasound penetrates to up 12 mm deep into the gums, and can also eliminate bacteria there
  • Emmi-Dent ultrasound has positive effects in bleeding gums and periodontal disease
  • Prevention of dental caries
  • Emmi-Dent ultrasound activates blood circulation in the gums
  • Worldwide patented technology "Made in Germany"
emmi-dent Made in Germany
Emmi-Dent Ultraschall tötet Bakterien
Plaquebakterie at 30,000 -fold enlargement. In the micro teeth cleaning, hundreds store of microbubbles around the plaque bacteria and make them in fractions of a second harmless.

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Experience the purification technology of implant dentistry and dentists now also at home. Try this unique ultrasonic toothbrush!

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